Product Testing QNA and Suggestions for Future Tests

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10/27/2016 12:30 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/27/2016 12:32 PM

Hey everyone, we've opened up this new section which we'll keep updated with our latest bike and product reviews/evaluations, along with adding the best member reviews we see pop up (If you're interested in reviewing a product, check out our product guide. Don't see the product you want to write a review about? Message me and I'll get it added into the guide).

However, the main reason behind this section is keeping an open discussion about each product, such as if you have any questions or concerns we didn't cover or fully explain in the review. Finally, this is also a good place to throw in your suggestions on what you'd like to see us review or cover down-the-road.


1/5/2017 3:28 AM

As a old beat up vet racer from Arkansas, I would like to know what the vet riders in California wear for under jersey chest/back protection. Also Ive seen some pictures in magazines of both Adam Cianciarulo and Marvin Musquin wearing under jersey protection that look like it had shoulder pads/protection, can you also do a rider survey of what they wear?

Thank you,


1/11/2017 11:04 PM

Could you test the new arc levers "power lever". It has different inserts that allow you to adjust the ratio front brake pull. Would love to know if it's worth the money over the reg arc memlon lever.


2/2/2017 5:26 AM

Would be cool to read a chest protectors and neck braces comparison if possible.
Pretty hard for an average joe to decide which is best and why and not many places to try each one on.


6/10/2017 6:26 AM

Tire tests?


11/16/2018 1:35 PM

Chain lube test; how Dirt Bike magazine did it back in the 80's.
They used electric motors to spin the chain and checked stretch along with temp and a few other items to come up with real data that could be used to determine the winner.


11/29/2018 3:27 PM

Hey Michael, I'm biased, but how bout you do a review on trials motorcycles as a form of cross-training for off-road riders? We all know most of the top enduro riders have a strong trials background.... Have you ever ridden a trials bike?