JM Racing or Enzo Suspension Revalve

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4/15/2019 9:44 PM

Hey guys. I'm looking to have my "new to me" bike resprung and revalved for my weight and ability. I've pretty much boiled it down to two companies, JM Racing or Enzo. Does anybody have any experience with JM here in Spring TX.? I'm interested in them because they seemed more interested. Not that Enzo here in Texas was short or disinterested or anything like that. JM just seemed less distracted and they're right around the corner from me and my local track. Hoping to hear from anybody who has had recent experience with a revalve from them, how their experience was and if they're happy with the tune. Thanks!

Bike: 2015 YZ250f


4/18/2019 1:05 PM

I’d recommend JM. I have used them all -factory connection, Pro Circuit, Enzo and JM. I live in the Houston area as well and it’s hard to beat having a local guy at the track. I’d rate JM suspension and motor work on par with any of them. I see John at Three Palms regularly and he will spend the time watching you and dialing in your bike. Last night Ronnie Jackson was there helping my son’s friend dial in his new YZ65. John has helped me chase down some hard to find parts for old project bikes too. I think you’ll be happy with JM. An added bonus is avoiding shipping and insurance cost.


11/28/2019 12:08 PM

We have been with JM from the start and I can attest to the last 2 posts. John Mitchell knows his stuff, has been around a long time, and most importantly, if you do what he recommends, he will stand by you, as he always has for us. Stand up guy, sets high standards for all in his shop