GPI radiator hoses

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9/2/2018 12:24 PM

This is a bin of rubbish with GPI hoses sitting on top of the heap. This is where GPI hoses belong, not in your shopping cart or on the UPS truck.

Only one hose out four in the package came remotely close to fitting. The two inter-radiator connector hoses were different ID's, and neither was the correct ID for the radiator outlet barbs. One of these was nearly 1/8" off.

The water pump to right radiator hose was about 3" too short.

The cost of these hoses was around $20. I'd previously used these on a KLX300 and RM125, and both fit relatively well. If anyone with a 03-08 KX250 smoker knows of a kit that actually fits, lmk.



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9/7/2018 5:51 PM

I picked up a set for my 02 CR250R. They fit ok except the smaller hose that connects the top of the radiators. The ID was ridiculously small. I also had to trim a couple.
By comparison my dad bought Moto Hose for his CRF450 and they fit perfectly. More consistent wall thickness on his too.


10/9/2018 10:14 AM

2003-2004 hoses are different than 2005-2007

What year are you putting them on?


10/9/2018 10:21 AM


2/17/2020 6:41 AM

I bought the GPI hose kit from eBay against my better judgment. I've always stuck with MotoHose but at the time I didnt see that MotoHose offered a kit. What i did notice about the GPI kit was that every tube had something that was off. It was either 3" long or had a goofy bend in the wrong place. It took a bid of modifying, cutting and pushing around to make it work but its exactly what I expected out of a cheap kit.

The hose coming off of the top left side radiator was too long and the bends were a little off. I did my best to keep it from pinching where it entered the cylinder and i had to wedge it inside of the black support bar that extends from the radiator to the frame. I'm not impressed with the way it rest on the backside of the radiator fins but i was limited on what I could do.

The tube that extends from the water pump to under the pipe/kickstarter and then to the back of the cylinder had to be cut down multiple times from each end. The bends are also in the wrong spot and are off by over an inch when compared to the factory hoses. Due to the bends being off the tube rests on the backside of the exhaust. Its holding up well but is not the optimal setup for keeping coolant cool. I think i have 10-15 hours on the bike and they're holding up well.

Thinking about it, i think the hose clamps were goofy as well and i had to buy a clamp kit off of eBay.


2/18/2020 4:15 PM

Racer X YouTube video


2/27/2020 8:38 PM

My son bought the GPI hoses for his bike just the other day. 04 Honda CR 125. Three out of five only needed trimming.
The other two took awhile to figure out because one was bent and the angles didn’t work. The other which was the most difficult, (lower hose joining both radiators) had a funky bend. It took a few minutes of working it around, trimming, re-trimming to get it to fit just “OK”. They’re garbage. Never again.


4/18/2020 7:14 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/18/2020 7:17 AM

I put GPI radiators and hoses on my 83 YZ125 build from the recommendation of another person that's built the same bike.

Radiators fit perfect, only "odd" thing was the mounting tabs were thinner so i needed to replace the grommets that were on the OEM ones. Not a huge deal.

Hoses came with extra length, so i trimmed accordingly.

Met my expectations, especially for the cheap price of it all (~$140 for radiator and hoses).

If i recall correctly, i used their aluminum radiator on my FJ40 build ~8 years ago with no issues up until i sold the vehicle. Worked great rock crawling and kept the engine temps in check.


7/22/2020 10:59 AM