FTI / K-Tech spring conversion/revalve 2017 KTM 450SXF

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10/2/2020 11:42 AM

Just have about 3 hours on this setup. Conversion by FTI (Lexington, NC) of AER to spring SFF with K-Tech spring kit and revalve in other leg. Also revalved the shock. For a Vet-C ridewr, ~185 lbs with gear.

First, I did the conversion because I could never get the air fork dialed in to feel comfortable in corners, especially at turn-in, and also harshness deep in the stroke. The shock I had no big complaint with, but wanted to see what they could do with it.

I live about an hour from their shop, so that was also a no-brainer.

The price was incredible for conversion plus front and rear revalve--about $975 with tax and all parts and labor. Turnaround was less than 2 weeks, even though I told them it was no rush since I have other bikes. The main delay was getting the conversion kit shipped in.

So far the front end feels WORLDS better. It feels at least as good as my CRF450 forks with top-of-line Factory Connection revalve. I don't notice the weight increase other than maybe feeling more planted. The shock seems a little more supple, especially on accel bumps.

These guys are EXTREMELY well qualified. Their website is understated. It doesn't say it, but Isaiah has worked as mechanic and suspension guy for JGR, and also Cooper Webb when he was at Factory Yamaha. The owner, Cal Northrup, ran his own team, Bad Boy Racing with Jeff Dement, Brock Sellards and Jeff Alessi, and has 20 yrs experience in NASCAR mechanics and design.

http://ftisuspension.com/ https://www.ktechsuspensionusa.com/p...artridges.aspx Highly recommended!