AIROH 2.2 helmet and DEFT gloves

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1/23/2019 6:18 PM


Wow, on the Airoh, I bought it from in Italy. I purchased it after writing a couple of reviews of products they sell , of which I already use. Why? because they give 20€ per review that can be applied immediately on a purchase. So, I saved 40€ immediately. In dollars I paid $501 delivered. I ordered it on a Wednesday night and received it via FedEx the following Monday. Amazing and shipping was only 30 bucks to California.

I wear Arai helmets, but I like this graphic. The helmet is super light, fitment is same as my Arai’s fitment. As far as safety, I haven’t had a digger in it yet, but one of my sons has an Airoh 2.1 and he had a good one with no negative results. The helmet comes with a nice bag, very similar to 6d’s, a box with a vent tool and a lanyard, a pre-curved GoPro mount, multiple vent covers, a complete set of spare screws, and a smoke visor extender. Very nice.

The Deft gloves, fit like the 100% gloves I wear. The material and stitching seem to be better quality and I like their look. I bought them from RMATV with my race gas credits.