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Goal: This series is designed to bring MX Rider's to the Dealership's and to get Dealership's more involved at the motocross races. This is your opportunity to promote your dealership and to gain new customers so use creative thinking.

Awards: The Top 3 Dealerships will be recognized at the series end and awarded witha large trophy to be displayed in their store and each member for your team will receive a plaque. The 1st place Dealership also wins a FREE ride day at Oak Hill Raceway for their dealership
Dealer Series Dates at Oak Hill Raceway

•Sep 3rd & 4th - 3 moto format
•Sep 11th - 1st Rd - Best of Texas Fall Series
•Oct 23rd - Last Rd - Best of Texas Fall Series
•Oct 30th - 1st Rd of the Top Texan Series
•Dec 11th - Last Rd of the Top Texas Series

1.Each participating dealer will be eligible to pre-purchase up to 10 race entries per event at 50% off. ($200, Limit 1 entry per rider per event) Each dealer needs to submit a rider list, Oak Hill will issue "50% OFF Race Entry" cards for the dealer to hand out to your riders to be used at the event. Oak Hill will invoice the dealer after each event for the Race Entry Cards redeemed. This will help so the dealer isn't paying for entries that racers are not using.
2.Each participating dealer will receive a special pit area for themselves and their riders.
3.Each participating dealer will have signage, that the dealer provides, displayed around Oak Hill Raceway during the listed 5 MX events.
4.Each participating dealer will count 10 of their best finishers at each event for series points.

No extra dates to work out because this will follow the 2 series listed. Make a little extra fun for yourselves.

See ya there