Update on the family.

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9/1/2020 2:04 PM

I know some are wondering so I figured I'd start here as to not get asked a thousand times.

My sister never raced again after "that" season. After the popularity hit she did a couple promo tours but was more worried about dean talon than training. He ended up knocking her up and then jetted out like a holeshot. Mom and dad didn't have much for her after that. She moved out and lived in low income apartments for a while then ended up getting a job with feld for a while before getting fired for doing pcp in a bathroom. She still follows the pro races, sometimes you can catch her in the pits pretending to be a monster girl taking photos with drunk dudes and kids too stupid to realize she's like 40 now and the monster logo on her tank top was drawn with a sharpie. I dont talk to her much. She supports herself now with an onlyfans and selling stolen prescriptions.

Dean Talon moved out east shortly after the baby was born to avoid child support. Last i heard he worked in a furniture factory and still talks about the good ol days and how fast he was. In 2016 he raced an arenacross at a local fairground and whiskey throttled into a pole and broke his collarbone and 6 ribs. He never came back off disability and is addicted to dilaudid and currently has 4 dui's. He posts alot on butterys IG trying to get him to comment back.

Mom and dad got out of racing due to the bad publicity and moved to Bakersfield. They live a quiet life by themselves and dont see any of the kids much. Dad is good friends with Tony Alessi. Mom is in and out of reality and spends most of her time drinking wine and taking Xanax.

I havent heard much out of Rene Cartier, after his stint with Henderson he went back to France and i think he does mx classes with vuillemin.

My little brother put down his wrenches and moved to Seattle and works for Microsoft making Xbox games. He did a couple years for selling Adderall but he's straight now and goes to meetings and streams fortnite on twitch.

Dean and my sisters kid is like 20 now, hangs out in Temecula, runs around with jlaw and im pretty sure he smokes meth. Ive seen him in some of Colby raha's Instagram stories. He drives a Ford ranger, wears alot of black, and listens to kmk. Can't ride for shit, just shows up at Pala with his bike and pretends to be getting it ready all day. I dunno if the thing even runs. Has high blood pressure from too many energy drinks and im pretty sure pisses blood 60% of the time. Has a Slayco sticker on his ankle bracelet.

So there's that. Any questions just ask but I think thats most of it.


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9/1/2020 2:54 PM
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Dear diary,
Boo fuckin hoo.


9/1/2020 2:57 PM

This joke
Your head


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9/2/2020 5:45 PM

Get a cat.


9/18/2020 2:44 AM

I chuckled lol


9/18/2020 4:49 AM

I realize this post hit the dumbgeon but i watched this movie the first day I had Disney+ and i don't regret it.