2015 KTM 150SX/ WP Factory Services A KIT/ Scalvini FOR SALE

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1/11/2016 11:00 AM


ASKING $9,500




2015 KTM 150 SX- $6700

20 Hours (Wireless hour meter came off during first 9 hours and this is an estimate. Original Clutch/sprockets/front tire/brake pads/piston etc still in great shape. I had very little time to ride in 2015 and sadly did not get to put as much time on this bike as I would like. I'm claiming 20 hours as a safe estimate, probably less but that is a safe estimate.)

Full WP Factory Services A KIT Suspension Front/Rear

WP Factory Services Cone Valve Forks 48mm --$3499
(Fully Kashima Coated, Light internals, Machined lower lugs, SKF Low friction seals, UNBELIEVABLY Plush and great bottoming resistance.)

WP Factory Services Trax Shock--$2,500
(Fully coated with Trax system providing amazing traction for a small two stroke. Every bit of horsepower hits the ground and wants to stay digging instead of hopping and losing drive. Great bottoming resistance. XTRIG easy preload adjuster added.)

Suspension is set up for 150lbs +30A rider. These suspension kits are easily serviced via WP Factory Services, Factory Connection, or Ride PG as well as numerous other shops.
I've had many different suspension setups but always wanted to try a pure A Kit and I was absolutely blown away by these units. I never adjusted anything all year although I'm sure they could be made even better. They were honestly so good I never wanted to change anything and I understand better how Top Pro riders hit sections so fast. There was never a point where the bike tells you to SLOW DOWN, the suspension just absorbs everything and makes you push harder and harder. Also I experienced no lower back pain on this bike, after numerous years on numerous bike sizes and brands, I know this must have come down the the suspension working that well and not translating it to my back. Arm pump was also a non factor this year after many seasons of struggling to stay loose on the bike. This stuff is worth every penny whether you race or not, as long as you need to get to work on Monday in one piece.

Scalvini Cone Pipe- $250

Honestly didn't like the way this pipe performed but it enquired so many looks and comments any time I took it to the track. People went nuts over how it looks compared to anything else around. Stock pipe is included as well and it ran much better with that.

Various pretty parts- $500

Hinson Clutch cover
Anodized rear brake lever
Anodized Shifter
Oversize Sunline Arch Pegs
White Radiator Hoses
Dunlop MX52 Tires F/R 90% Tread
Renthal R1 Chain/ Orange Renthal Rear Sprocket
Nihilo Frame tape New

$13,500 Invested in the Bike. Thanks for looking!

Any questions feel free to contact Wes @ (618) 925-3711


1/11/2016 7:31 PM

you interested in selling the forks?


1/12/2016 2:17 PM

gpracer36 wrote:

you interested in selling the forks?

That is the question I keep getting on Ebay! haha. I am but I need stock forks to sell the bike as stock.

Text me if interested and we can discuss some options. 618-925-3711