setting up Husky FC450 for 100 mile desert race

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7/30/2018 7:17 AM

I'll be riding in the Lake Elsinore Grand Prix in November. An eight mile or so loop done over and over for 100 miles. I have a stock FC450 and I have no idea what the fuel range is. Has anyone actually tested this or have some info? I would really not want to make more than one pit stop, none preferably. If this is a problem, do you have any info on where I might get a larger tank for that bike? Finally, the seat on that thing is hardly sufficient for that type of ride. Does anyone make a replacement seat that's better than that slice of foam that comes on the bike? Thanks a ton in advance!


7/30/2018 10:56 AM

Stock tank at race speed will get you about 40 miles.

IMS desert tank. You will need to stop at least once with a Oversized tank. Husky has a tall seat with more padding or seat concepts.


7/31/2018 12:57 PM

I have an IMS tank on my FX450, which adds a gallon over the stock FX tank. I can get somewhere in the vicinity of 70-80 miles on it in the desert at race pace, as long as it isn't all sand.

The fitment on the IMS tank is very good, and doesn't make the bike feel any wider. A lot of the weight off the fuel sits lower than the stock tank, to you don't really notice it.