rmz250 clutch sticking

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6/6/2018 9:58 AM

i have a 13 rmz250. last ride I rode bike for warm up laps= no issues ran great. quick water break, went to leave pits and clutch cam was stuck and wouldnt disengage.

>>I let the bike sit for kids / track watering to cool down

hopped back on bike, no issues. came in and went back out>> stuck again within half a lap.

got home. pulled the clutch cam arm out, looked dry and had spots where the bearing needles possibly had water and sat. added grease, action was smoother, took up and down street no issues.

problem only showed up after getting hot after a few laps.

bike has new cable, new clutch plates/springs, newer basket.


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6/6/2018 11:21 AM

Replace the bad bearing.

Paw Paw