racing ktm 125 and 250 or yz for 2019

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12/18/2018 3:12 PM

hi im getting a new 125 and 250 for next years race season and wasnt sure what would be better to race out of ktm 125 sx and ktm 250 sxf or yz 125 and yz 250 f i currently race a ktm 85 and 125 but am considering moving to yamaha any one have some advice of whats better dont mind about maintainace or price just what would be best to race thanks.

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12/21/2018 11:10 AM

How serious are you and what is your ability?


12/28/2018 2:05 AM

My son raced ktm 125 and 250 for one year together then he went straight to the ktm 250f and he loved that so much we only rode that bike. That was in 16 and now he has the 18 FE 450 and the new frame changes and the suspension was better stock than his 16 set up for him. If racing is something you take serious then u should ride the newest bike's of both brands and see what u think is best.