jetting my 2004 cr125r please help

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4/10/2018 1:25 AM

hi all i have a 2004 cr125r that im trying to tune up so its super crisp on the gas
i have just put a 400 main 40 pilot 69 needle and 3rd clip and 2 screw out on air/fuel
but it dose not seem to the pull like i would like it to
the only mods to the engine is a full Dep exahust system and Vforce3 reeds and cage
what are your thoughts on jetting for this bike


4/10/2018 1:41 AM

im just running the standard 2004 cr125 Mikuni carburetor
would anyone use a diffrent carby if so what one


4/10/2018 7:02 AM

Get that piece of shit carb tossed out and install a pwk air striker screw top.

The girls ran after my bike with it installed like they run after brats in the club. felt like Ronnie mac cool

(Do a search, even I have a jetting thread started regarding cr125)


4/10/2018 3:20 PM

So you say get one of thee Photo