crf250 2019 with vortex 2018 problem

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12/26/2018 12:49 AM

If anyone knows
Take vortex crf250 2018 in 2019 He gets ahead right away works normal but when you press the kill switchInstead of turning off, it works as a starter !!!!!
Anybody know how I can fix this


12/26/2018 4:49 AM

I have no idea how to fix that. But do you got a video of it? Thats funny lol


12/30/2018 11:39 PM

Lol please post a video


12/30/2018 11:48 PM

I have it disconnected and I have it for sale


1/1/2019 3:37 AM

The vortex will need remapping from 18 to 19. We had the same issues with our 19 crf450s


1/1/2019 3:48 AM
Edited Date/Time: 1/1/2019 3:48 AM

You are sure that the problem is resolved by reprogramming
The problem is that 19 has another connection because have the launch control
Tokyomods Justin He answered me :
The 2019 CRF Vortex is a different ECU, do not use the 2018 on the 2019. They will be available mid January.

Thank you!