Yz250f pieces

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1/11/2019 12:19 PM

I bought an 06 yz250f last fall, that was in boxes. The crank was locked up and the top end was off of it. I finally got around to splitting the cases today to find these pieces in the oil sump. I'm not sure what these are from, I see no damage to the cases and all of the top end looks good. The best I've come up with is pieces of clutch basket or pressure plate from a previous clutch blow up. The clutch that was in it shows no damage. Anybody able to identify these bits? Photo


1/11/2019 12:57 PM

Some of it looks like parts of a fiber clutch plate, but there are odd other parts there as well.
Are any of them magnetic?

Paw Paw


1/11/2019 1:09 PM

Hard to tell from the picture but like paw paw said if the black part isn't paint then it must be fiber. If it is paint then not sure as the only black I believe on that motor would have been the valve cover.


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1/11/2019 1:41 PM

Here is a better picture of the bigger pieces, none of it is magnetic.I believe the black is clutch material, I can break it easily. Photo