Yz125 and yz250f wheel fitment

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8/19/2017 8:56 PM

Quick question guys. Will a 2016 yz250f front and rear wheel fit a 2013 yz125? Thank you so much !!


8/20/2017 6:48 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/20/2017 6:50 AM

There's a post just a couple threads down from here about this: http://m.vitalmx.com/forums/Tech-Help-Race-Shop,42/Yamaha-axle-sizes,1324336

As far as I can understand, 2014+ they changed the front axle size therefore the front will not work, but I'm not 100% sure about the rear.


8/20/2017 10:20 AM

They changed the rear axle size in 09 on the 4 strokes so neither wheel will fit unless you have special spacers/sleeves made.


8/23/2017 7:33 PM

No, not without some serious modifications that are pretty much irreversible. The YZ 125 uses a 20mm front axel and 22mm rear axle. The 14+YZF model uses a 22mm front axle and 25mm rear axel...