Yamalube 60:1 ('18 TC250)

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11/12/2017 10:10 AM


Just bought a 18 TC250. Manual says to mix at 60:1.

I have always mixed my bikes at 40:1 for the past 30 years...

I guess what I am asking, has anybody ever mixed Yamaha R (2R) at 60:1? What was the visual at tear down?

I cant find anywhere on the net (yet) as to recommended ratios for Yamalube.

I have seen where peeps have had jetting issues with mixtures less than 60:1. I believe MXA even had to run 60:1 to cure their jetting hassles.

Thanks a bunch...


A big thanks goes out to Donnie at Morgantown Powersports and RJ at Beaver Creek Cycles

11/12/2017 11:36 AM

I would imagine any oil at 60:1 will work fine. I mix my KTM at 60:1 but use motorex.


11/12/2017 2:51 PM

I use the Yamaha 2r oil for break in on my 2 strokes , its mineral based oil, good for ring seal...then I use a more modern synthetic oil, I use amsoil dominator @ 50:1, I just can't bring myself to mix at 60;1...old habits die hard. Not sure about mixing that 2r at 60:1...I think the reasoning behind the 60;1 is the newer synthetic oils are much better so not as much is needed....just my 2 cents....