YZ250 clutch

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9/26/2018 7:58 PM

Just put a new set of OEM plates in my yz250 tonight, along with a new cable and springs. After torquing everything down I and rerouting a new cable. It had 0 tension all the way in or all the way out. The arm inside on the fly wheel cover can move freely, is the push rod possibly out of place? Thanks in advance.


9/26/2018 8:19 PM

Did you put the correct amount of plates in? The oem kit is kind of a one size fits all deal, you have to count out the right amount for your bike


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9/27/2018 11:45 AM

Yeah it’s right amount of plates, idk what the issues could be.


9/27/2018 4:48 PM

Did you adjust the cable itself yet? I've seen Yamaha cables come from the factory adjusted to their shortest length and the clutch won't function until you adjust the cable's adjuster (on the cable itself not at the clutch perch).


9/27/2018 5:00 PM

You didn't happen to lose the bearing or washer on push rod.