YZ 85 jetting help

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8/10/2019 11:56 PM

I've been getting a YZ85 fixed up for my son and I've got some jetting questions. When wicking the throttle from 1/4
throttlw or idle it falls on its face and dies. If you roll it on it pulls hard. It idles nice and has decent throttle response, just a mid-range bog.

Main is 138 and pilot is 38. Clip is on the richest notch which did help it but not completely. Am I chasing a pilot or main issue?


8/12/2019 1:41 PM

This is pretty typical for YZ85 since no powervalve. They will do it on stand even when jetted correctly but not on track.

That said it's usually a pilot/air screw issue. You can also try running a slide from a KX85 (3.0) which is slightly leaner. I doubt I can find my YZ85 tuning specs as it's been awhile but I do remember tuning air screw every ride..............