YZ 250 gearing

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9/29/2020 11:07 AM

I picked up a new YZ250 two stroke and was curious what gearing people are running. Stock is 14/50. Just wanna see what others suggest or what others are running. Thanks


9/29/2020 7:50 PM

I’m running a 14/49 setup, I like it cuz I can revv our 2nd more as I like to be heavy on the gas and shift wide open, and I find it just gives me that ability to hold gears a bit longer, most reviews say to add a tooth and get to 3rd quicker, may work for stock yz250’s, but mines not overly stock, and the pv governor settings I run, wake the engine up much earlier than the stock settings and it really adds a lot of bottom/mid, Lee’s clutch, better roll on, to each their own though, we all have reasons behind what we like smile, what’s your gripes with the stock gearing?


9/29/2020 8:45 PM

No gripes at all. Just seeing what other people like to run for future reference. In case I wanna try something different. So far so good


9/29/2020 8:50 PM

The stock gearing is pretty good, I did try the 51 rear, and it just seemed to shorten up the gears too much for my liking, perky yes, but just felt like it limited and shortened the powerband, good for woods, but I felt short changed on the track with it


9/29/2020 10:05 PM
Edited Date/Time: 9/30/2020 3:25 AM

Gonna sound crazy … but I tried 15/45 to get top-speed in desert racing against 450Fs and I was surprised by this gearing's versatility. Kinda preferred it after a while. I was running a Zip-Ty pipe (fantastic), MotoT VForce reeds, a Rekluse Core EXP clutch (it was the original 1.0 and was flawless on this bike, bad on my CRF450R - but the 3.0 is good), and I dabbled with the Eric Gorr 295 kit with "mo betta" power with this setup as well (hard to jet, poor worksmanship, ditched it eventually).

Long story short, I was surprised how well 15/45 worked. I could ride the bike like a 125 but it was more forgiving of mistakes and quite fast.

If nothing else, it will help you really appreciate trying some of the "extremes." I did this by buying some cheapo sprockets and just rode stuff back-to-back. That's the key. Same day, back-to-back, like-conditions comparison.

Have fun with some failures here. You'll learn a lot. And you'll have good stories, too. :-)


9/30/2020 2:38 AM

Lol, I wanna try a 15/51 setup


10/3/2020 8:10 PM

I’m running 15/49 Gearing for Moto. Completely worked motor, amazing bottom and will pull 3rd gear starts. The only problem I have with my smoker is the top end is really lacking compared to the last cr250r I built last year