Wp cone valve setup

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9/18/2018 11:02 AM

How’s it going everyone. I need help with my cone valves, so I will just jump into it. I purchased a used set that was basically brand new with 8 hours on them. Their the newest version, small axle with black uppers and lowers for my 2019 ktm 350xcf. I immediately sent them to powerband for a revalve and service before I road with them. I had them setup for b class off-road racing, I do jday off-road. When I got them and road with them for the first time they were incredibly stiff, so stiff that I was only using a few inches of the stroke. When I talked to the local suspension guy in mass REP, he said the 390cc of oil I’m running is way to much. He had me drop it down to 350cc now their actually working ok. To be honest I have been doing clicker adjustments and I’m getting a decent setting, but I’m not really impressed with them. I heard so much positive feedback that they seem to be a letdown. Tony at REP said for new England woods powerband makes them to stiff from the few riders that have come to tony for help. He uses a much softer setting. Should I have him do a revalve? Or are they just not as good as everyone says. Is their other adjustments I can make? I was really expecting a fork that is plush throughout the stroke, but that also has good hold up. It has great hold up but when their is not much plushness or comfort. It’s better when I lowered the oil height. But if this is as good as they are I’m pretty disappointed. Any feedback is appreciated.


9/18/2018 12:48 PM

I don't think they are all that from my perspective. They are decent but not an earth shattering change.


9/18/2018 12:58 PM

Get them set up for you, Powerband has some amazing settings, maybe just missed the mark.


9/19/2018 12:24 AM

Cone valve has many settings that affect the handling:
- Spring rate
- Valving
- oil level
- Cone-type (red, blue, black)
- Cone spring stiffness (25,50,75,100nm etc).

The cone spring and type is key. If they are wrong for your type of riding and weight/style, it is hard to tune using clickers and oil volume and even valving.


9/19/2018 2:56 AM

Powerband has a great reputation, I am not sure about their policy but many suspension shops offer 1 free revalve if you are not happy. I would give them a call and discuss your issues, I am willing to be they have a solution.

Remember these setups are based on theoretical riders. Just because a shop sets you up, for say a vet B class rider that doesn't mean it will be dead on for every B level vet rider.

You have a ton of adjustment in those forks, contact Powerband and I'd be willing to bet they will make you happy....


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9/19/2018 5:03 AM

Send them to Factory Connection. Their track side support is awesome.