Which Spark plug are you using in new ktm husky 125

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8/23/2017 7:29 AM

Stock is br9ecmvx and $13! Is this best or are there better alternates or places to shop them????


8/23/2017 8:55 AM

I use the stock plug.


8/23/2017 9:12 AM

Stock plug also...

and would like to throat punch the engineer that spec'd out that plug, 13$ plug in a 2-stroke. geez


8/23/2017 9:50 AM

The KTM 85 specs that plug and we have ran BR9EG for years with no issues at all. Buy them by the case........


8/23/2017 5:15 PM

I did a cross refferencs at "sparkplugs.com" and found that these 3 plugs will was as well...

NGK BR9ECM $9.00
Denso 532 IWM27 $7.00
Autolite X54062DP $6.00

Paw Paw


8/24/2017 11:07 AM

I searched more and while not positive on differences I believe its iridium and the vx is the strap is v shaped.
Correctly jetted I shouldn't need one too often...but it's not there yet. I use to run ND hot-V plugs years ago with success,,took longer to foul compared to ES EV or champions in my trail bike,so I'm confortable in quality. I price shopped and went with 4- Densos 5392 (same as IWM27) for 32.08 on fleabay fast shipping included. .

I considered the BR9eg,,but the br9ecmvx and I believe the denso 5392 has a shorter porcelain. It's tight under the gas tank and shorter does make it easier to get my plug wrench on the shorter plug.
Thanks for ideas


8/24/2017 11:40 AM

Stock plug. Once jetted correctly and running a good fuel I was able to run a single plug for 10-15 hours. Which on that bike is an entire summer for me.


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8/24/2017 3:13 PM
Edited Date/Time: 8/24/2017 3:13 PM

Our 13 125 called for a br9ecm (I think it was a 9) and I always used a br9es, the ecm is just a shorter plug to make it easier to get wrench on it