What year YZ250F for the old guy

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1/17/2020 5:35 PM

I’m thinking about doing a semi build on a 2 stroke, at 63 I ain’t getting any younger.

My last two stroke other than my Bass boasts was a 84 YZ250.

I know some years have steel frames, they went to Aluminum frame frames at some point. I’d like to have as new as possible but I have a 2014 YZ250F I have a ton of money in along with a 2019 CR250F I bought mid last year. Will start looking on Craigslist etc for a screaming deal.

I’d like to do heavy flywheel and use for puttin around the track and woods and anything else kind of all around. Kinda like KTM300 ish.

Coach me up on what year etc. I could buy a new one but just doesn’t make sense no more than I get to ride. But I do like to work on them and piddle around in my garage.


1/18/2020 5:44 PM

99 today's engine debut.
02 new plastic, smaller kick start shaft.
05 first year of aluminum frame.
06 first year of SSS forks. From 06 onward there were only really minor changes.
14 new airbox and tiny rear number plates.

Frankly, for woods use darn near anything from 99+ will work fine. in particular 02-04 steel frames will have wonderful flex, and the older style forks can be made to work great for offroad situations. Get the head modified to optimize squish, slap a heavier flywheel on there and go have some fun.


1/18/2020 6:48 PM

Matt, thanks for the comments, I was looking way way newer. I’m not very well informed.


1/19/2020 9:35 AM

wwdiii wrote:

Matt, thanks for the comments, I was looking way way newer. I’m not very well informed.

I had an 05 yz250 I just built as a project. Would recommend going with 06+ because, if youre like my, youll want to upgrade the suspension to the newer style and itll set you back a bit financially. Around where I am, you can get something like a 2013 yz250 for about 3800. I've seen 06's sell about 3600 and I sold my 05 with upgraded suspension for 3300.


1/19/2020 10:50 AM

16 and newer have been great bikes. Suspension is very good, and there should be some good deals out there.


Livin' the dream, two wheels at a time!

1/20/2020 4:02 AM

I live in the Houston area, no doubt large metro area and the ones on Craigslist they seem to be proud of them. No matter what year. To the point I’d be better off buying new in some cases. I just need to keep looking and make time to drive up the road to Austin Dallas if I need be.

Thanks for comments. Like I said I’m not that well informed but would like to get a tow stroke to collect dust and keep my YZ250F company. Just the sound and smell of a 2stroke would bring back a lot of memories.