What clutch are you guys using

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9/25/2021 3:31 PM

My 18 kx450 is needing a new clutch. Just curious what you guys have tried and what yall like? Thanks in advance


9/25/2021 3:56 PM

Rekluse torque drive pack way better then stock works really good


9/25/2021 5:38 PM

I’m a Hinson guy personally.

I got the wrong basket for my Honda so just running their fibers and springs, that alone was a great improvement.


9/25/2021 7:40 PM

Hinson here too. Have heard good of the rekluse also. Just always had Hinson and haven’t had issues to I keep using them in all my bikes.


9/25/2021 10:08 PM



9/25/2021 10:28 PM
Edited Date/Time: 9/26/2021 12:28 AM

I've really been liking the Wiseco forged clutch baskets with lifetime warranty paired with Rekluse Core EXP 3.0s as well as Radius CXs. Great overall feel and durability.

You can readily convert a Radius CX to a Torque Drive, too, by rotating the pressure plate ring down and out of the way. Just need a few extra clutch frictions and steels when to backfill the EXP disc. Best of both worlds. I love this versatility. Rekluse can tell you what extra parts you need for your specific bike.


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9/26/2021 7:02 AM

I mean it depends on the bike. I’ve been a Yamaha guy for a good long time, and their oem stuff is great so I don’t feel the need to look elsewhere.

Last time I rode a Kawi was ‘09 but those things were trash so I went to Hinson. But honestly I only really see the benefit in changing if you go full bore-basket, pressure plate, their plates and fibers, springs. Just get the whole ensemble. But it’s not cheap that way.

If stock worked well, keep it stock


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9/27/2021 7:11 PM

I replaced my stock KTM system with a full Hinson. I use DP plates now which I’ve had great luck with (Better life and similar performance as Hinson plates). DP plates definitely run cheaper than other companies as well.


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9/28/2021 11:27 PM

Rekluse Radius CX here too. The steel sleeves for the plates to ride on instead of damaging the basket is ingenious, the auto clutch is nice insurance, especially when you're on a Suzuki that you've gotta kick start, and it's acts just like a normal clutch. I've had several people ride the bike that never knew it had the clutch in it. 38 hours on it and the plates are still in fantastic shape


9/29/2021 7:47 AM

Rekluse Torque Drive if i can afford it at the time. Otherwise.....stock has always worked well for me with all bike brands. I'll get a couple of either Pro Circuit or Hinson springs to tighten things up over stock.


9/29/2021 9:56 AM

How much of a difference is the torque drive clutch pack on a 450. Id like to try it.


9/29/2021 6:27 PM

Sandusky26 wrote:

How much of a difference is the torque drive clutch pack on a 450. Id like to try it.

Not a huge difference but decent enough to consider. The actuation window is larger so it’s easier to fine tune use of the clutch. You can feed out the clutch more precisely. It’s less off and on