WP shock rebuild.

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5/15/2019 5:25 AM

Hello! I have searched around for a guide how to service an shock with floating piston instead of an bladder like most japanese brands use. Does anyone have one?

Im guessing the compression adjuster needs to be removed and the piston should be in the right position when filling oil ?

I have bought the zeta shrader filling valve for wp so the nitrogen filling should be easy now.
Thanks! /Christian


5/15/2019 8:10 AM

I think DRC make an adapter so you can fill through the bleed bolt on the top of the shock.

There is a measurement that you can set the floating piston, but I cant remember lol. It's a pain, but not such a big deal once you've done it a few times apparently


5/15/2019 8:13 AM


5/15/2019 11:49 AM

Google Skidoo KYB HPG shock rebuild. There are a number of articles on dootalk. I haven’t done a WP shock but I’d assume there is a bleed screw in the center of the IFP so you can cover it with oil once the shocks bled and set it to the proper depth in the res. Shoot me a PM or something if you’re still confused, I can probably walk you through it. I do probably 2 dozen IFP style reservoir shocks every fall for my sleds / friends sleds.


5/15/2019 1:01 PM

Thanks for the tips guys! ? I went ahead and ordered that filling tool. Will look into the snowmobile shock service.


5/18/2019 8:12 PM

As a general rule if IFP should be set in from nitro fill end 90% of travel