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1/7/2021 4:17 PM


I have a 2020 300xc that I pulled the cartridges out of and installed the MX Tech Lucky kit into. I just purchased a 2018 350sxf for track days and after bringing it home I noticed it has a leaky fork seal. Since I’m going to be pulling the fork apart I was going to install a MX Tech Leaf spring Midvalve kit into it. But since i have the 2020 Xact cartridges laying around, I was thinking of installing the Leaf spring Midvale kit into the Xact cartridges and installing those into the 2018 fork tubes.

My questions are:

Will the 2020 Xact cartridges install into the 2018 Aer fork tubes?

Are there any advantages of the 2020 Xact cartridges over the 2018 Aer cartridges after they are both revalved with the Leaf spring Midvalve?

Thanks in advance,


1/8/2021 5:06 AM

2018 has a smaller negative air spacer than 2020. I am not sure when the new seals went in but I was thinking 2018 or 2019 had some improvements to reduce stiction. Maybe put the negative air spacer from the 2018 into the 2020 cartridges and use them.