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2/26/2018 10:29 AM

i was looking to replace my crankshaft and am edging towards the lower end priced mitaka make. Has anyone got any experience with mitaka or is there any other makes you would go for?


2/26/2018 10:53 AM

Rebuild the stock crank, it will cost about the same and you will have better components than if you went with anything low priced. The stock crank can be pressed apart and new rod and bearing installed. Then re-straightened to likely better than factory specs. Good luck finding that in a mail order crank.


2/26/2018 11:41 AM

Rebuilt oem cranks for me. Crankworks is probably the best company but their lead times are high


2/26/2018 1:35 PM

I buy a ProX or Wossner rod kit and have it pressed into the OEM crank webs providing they are still in good condition. For Honda, because of the tin cranks, I buy a complete new OEM crank or if unavailable, buy the hot rods complete crank and have the guy who I use to press my cranks check the run out to make sure it's balanced/trued correctly.


2/26/2018 1:42 PM

Dont wanna buy a complete oem crank in uk its 360 pounds but in the usa exact same one is 160 pounds but ill have to pay shipping and even then it is still cheaper than the uk. But the thing i hate about buying from the usa is the import taxes customs slap on you to import it. Its discusting the price on oem parts in uk compared to usa.


2/26/2018 1:53 PM
Edited Date/Time: 2/26/2018 1:56 PM

Mitaka is a new chinese brand afaik. Up to you what you want to spend.

If you buy it, get it checked for runout, then run it and let us know if they’re any good.

Edit: Taiwanese actually I’ve read. If you can’t get an OEM one, I suppose you can try it. I’ve heard bads things of Wiseco cranks and some of Hot Rods, so it’s hit or miss really.


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2/26/2018 6:10 PM

OK, OK, we all give up. We failed to guess it. Which exact bike and model is it? :-)

If rebuildable, are the crank halves in good condition with only the bottom end bearing or rod beyond the service life? Some models can be rebuilt with the OEM parts or quality aftermarket parts vs. just buying a Chinese crankshaft and crossing your fingers that it is straight and true / won't blow up.


2/26/2018 11:57 PM

Its a 2002 cr 250 and im rebuilding everything top and bottom


2/27/2018 5:44 AM

Have a prox rod kit pressed on the crank and forget about it. Unless of course the halves are damaged. We just had millineum do that to my sons 16 Yz250f and its been great.


2/27/2018 8:39 AM

Definitely OEM. I got a complete Honda crank for a 2007 cr125 for like $175.


2/27/2018 10:08 AM

He got more responses on here than he did on Thumpertalk lol


2/28/2018 9:00 AM

walent215 wrote:

Have a prox rod kit pressed on the crank and forget about it. Unless of course the halves are damaged. We just had millineum ...more

x2 - Great luck with the ProX components.


2/28/2018 11:27 AM

Send your oem crank to Cooksey Crankshaft. He is in Texas, a fantastic guy and has quick turnaround


2/28/2018 11:46 AM

Sorry didnt say that im in the uk l