Vortex ECU KTM map switch position 1 or 2?

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1/14/2021 3:34 AM

I have a 2021 KTM sxf 250 and buyed a second hand vortex X10 ecu.

Should the KTM original map switch be in 1 or 2 ?
Does it make any difference what position it is in ?

I am used to GET ecu where you should disconnect the entire original map switch.


1/14/2021 3:50 PM

Usually Map 1 on the handle bar selects Map 1 on the vortex. Map 2 on the Handlebar selects where ever the X10 dial on the vortex is set to.

The first KTM vortex release for 16+ didn’t work with the handlebar map switch. Although Version 2 (late 2016 onwards did)