Used crf 450 advice

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10/1/2018 5:41 AM

Just got a 2010 crf 450 for a good deal.

My first Honda, and 4 stroke dirt bike. My previous bikes were always Yamaha 2 smokes.

The bike came stock except for a fmf Q4 and works connections skid plate. Original plastics. Maybe even original brakes!

Since it was a used bike I went ahead and replaced things like: wheel bearings, brake pads and rotors, had the suspension serviced. Oil and filter change on the engine side and a trans side. I have a rear suspension link on order and bearing to replace the linkage and swing arm.

I want to know if I should have the engine checked out by a shop because the previous owner didnt have a hour meter not the did original owner. The bike starts and runs great and if I had to guess how many hours on the engine, I'd guess somewhere around 100 hours...just a guess tho. I can tell by looking at the engine bolts that they have been taken off before... maybe the engine was rebuilt by a previous owner? Let's say it wasn't, and the bike has 150 ish hours.

Could a orinigal bike with 150 hours in it still start and run like new?


10/1/2018 6:43 AM

It would be a good idea to take a look at the motor. Do a leak down test, compression test, and pull the cylinder and look at the crankshaft. While you have it apart, look at the valves for cupping on the sealing surface. Id even just go ahead and do a full top end. Seats cut, new valves, timing chain, and piston.

This is my standard protocol for used 4 strokes.