Ultrasonic cleaner for parts?

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12/5/2018 6:28 PM

Been toying with the idea of using an ultrasonic cleaner to clean smaller things like nuts, carbs, bolts, etc. Anyone use one and have a link to the one they were successful with? definitely want heated and want to be able to run chemicals like simple green through it.

Thanks guys


Unleaded tastes a little tangy. Supreme is kinda sour, and diesel tastes pretty good.

12/5/2018 7:46 PM

Harbor Freight has good unit at a low cost that works very well.

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12/5/2018 8:22 PM

I have the HF one as well. Works really well but I wish it was bigger to put axles, linkages etc in..... I’d get a larger one. You can find them on amazon. Just search it


12/6/2018 1:23 AM

Harbor freight has one.


12/6/2018 4:20 AM

The Harbor Freight one is garbage. To get an actual good Ultra Sonic Cleaner will cost you. I have one I use to clean carbs, cylinders, and heads. Useful tool to have.



12/6/2018 7:24 AM

we have a 7 gallon unit can put cases, rack of 4 carbs, whole radiators, almost everything I got it with the advent of ethanol and it works amazing I cant live without it, its a sonixIV ss-series got it refurbished and warenteed from ebay, for 800 bucks, best 800 I ever spent


12/10/2018 9:31 PM

I purchased this one on ebay and I use it for everything! It hasnt had a problem yet. Just drop the parts in and walk away!