Tusk spoke torque wrench - any good? reliable?

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8/29/2018 12:53 PM

I picked up some new Tusk wheelsets for my KX250. Tusk also makes a spoke torque wrench. Anyone here have and use it regularly? How has it held up for you? Any issues?

Are there any other spoke torque wrench options I should look at?


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8/29/2018 12:56 PM

I can't speak for the torque wrench, but I've used other tools of theirs and all have worked great. You'll like the new wheels too. They hold up really well. A little heavier than others, but they hold up.


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8/29/2018 1:37 PM

I use it, and have for the past two years. No issues, and easy to use.


8/29/2018 1:41 PM

I created a similar post awhile back... the advice I got was that the torque wrench is a great product, but primarily on new wheels only (which sounds like you have) since the spokes/nipples on older wheel sets won't move as freely as new wheels - so using a torque wrench on them can be deceiving and tricky. That being said, dude said he'd recommend just using a standard spoke wrench and going off feel/sound. I took his advice, and used the money I saved to buy a wheel truing stand

But if I were in your shoes and just got brand new wheels... I'd probably be keen on the torque wrench for sure. Make sure you watch some videos on the do's and dont's of spoke maintenance


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8/29/2018 2:12 PM

Havent used the torque wrench, but based off my experience with a lot of their other tools, id trust it


8/29/2018 3:15 PM

I have used mine for a couple years , been great.


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