Trax Shock Spring Change

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6/28/2018 4:29 PM

I just bought a 2017 Trax Shock with an XTRIG adjuster on it, I am trying to change the spring and was wondering if it was like other WP shocks with the snap ring type retainer or is there another method to do this. I backed the adjuster off to what I thought was all the way and couldn’t seem to get enough free play to uncover a retaining ring like on other WP shocks.


6/28/2018 6:47 PM

Yes it is the same type spring retainer with the big circlip/snap ring but with the xtrig taking up some of the threads you still have some preload on the spring. you may need a spring compressor or at least another set of hands to pull the spring down to uncover the circlip


6/28/2018 6:53 PM