Top End Engine Rebuild - '15 SXF 250 - Help in the upstate, SC area?

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8/20/2018 6:51 AM

In short, I'm looking for someone to help teach me how to work on 4 strokes.

Longer version: I picked up riding about 4 years ago (I'm 27 now). Owned a 2T at first, then sold it and got my first 4T in February. I've got 92 hours on the engine now, and as best I can tell it runs fine. The only sign of wear that I've noticed is a small leak from the valve cover. Other than regular maintenance, I don't know anything about engine work. I've watched more YouTube videos than I can count, and while they make it seem relatively straightforward, I don't think I'm ready to rebuild my engine on my own.

So I'm looking for help from a knowledgeable source who wouldn't mind passing on some wisdom to a newer rider. Happy to provide dinner or beer as payment.



8/20/2018 7:35 AM

There really is not much difference between doing a top end on a 2 stroke or on a 4 stroke. It’s more mental till you have done it once. Piston is a piston, Pin is a pin, circlips are circlips. Read the service manual and its all in there. Reassemble line up the timing chain marks (in manual) and install the cam chain tensioner. Torque wrench is very important!


8/20/2018 7:36 AM

Hope you can find someone. Best advice i can give is to dive into it and follow youtube vids and your service manual. Get the right tools, and dont skimp on parts.