Time sert repair for rotor?

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9/16/2018 6:04 PM
Edited Date/Time: 9/17/2018 4:26 AM

Threads in front hub are stripped. Would time serts be safe and reliable to repair the threads that mount the front rotor. I believe that the last few threads in the time serts are only semi-formed so that they expand and lock into the bore when installed (you run a tool down the threads when installed). The time sert is longer than the bore where the old threads were and since the end of the time sert will be hanging out of the hub I was worried there would be nothing to "lock" into. I'm trying to salvage this hub. Any educated advice would be much appreciated.


9/16/2018 6:48 PM

Honestly I think in that situation with that little material I’d drill the threads out and put a nut on the backside


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9/17/2018 6:35 AM

I think youd be fine. Just check on it after every ride or so if you ride hard. If it were me personally id just buy a set of aftermarket hubs like tusk impacts and call it a day + they look trick and arent expensive.


9/17/2018 7:43 AM

I had something similar happen years ago. Had a machine shop weld it up, drill and tap the hole.


9/17/2018 9:33 AM

Thanks for the reply guys. Alec138, I'm looking at a set of Tusk wheels but wanted to save this wheel for a spare. Probably will replace this hub at some point. Thanks.


9/17/2018 12:31 PM

I would not use a time sert but would try a healicoil


9/18/2018 8:24 AM

Take it to a machine shop and have them weld and redrill/tap. The time sert is a a decent temporary fix but at the end of the day your doing nothing but compromising whats left of the hub. If you do the repair on your own you have to be sure that your 100% deadnuts square when drilling. Otherwise it will ALWAYS loosen after a few rides, if not sooner. Save the time and money and do it right the first time.


9/18/2018 5:32 PM

I’d think helicoil is the product for this situation.
As suggested. Welding redrilling is the ultimate solution, but a big job.


9/18/2018 8:19 PM

Like others have suggested, use a heli coil. Time serts require a considerably larger hole to be drilled for installation and that could weaken the area of the hub.