Talon Ultra Light hubs - Spacer size for rear on KX250?

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11/21/2020 1:19 PM

One of my friends sold me a set of Talon Ultra Light hubs that his dad bought a few years back for his 2004 KX250. He gave me the spacers that he had with it (one is stamped KX-18.0-DISC and the other is stamped KX-19.0-SPRO). When I mount them up on my 2006 KX250 two smoker, it definitely feels like they are a few millimeters short.

I called Talon and they said that bike needed 18mm and 19mm spacers so I thought the ones I had would work.

Anyone else here running talon hubs on the 2006 and up KX250 or KX250F? Should be the same spacers. If so, can you let me know the measurements?

I have also been in contact with Dubya for the front ones but the ones they sent me for that were the wrong size. I luckily found out that the front spacers he gave me fit perfect.


11/21/2020 9:32 PM

Call Dubya and ask them. They will know.