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11/26/2017 6:15 PM

Hello my name is Luca I have a 2015 yz112 Supermini I am 13 years old 5,10 and race motocross could anyone help me find some mods for my YZ to suit my height, Any help will be apreciated. Thanks


11/26/2017 8:22 PM

Have u considered getting a 125? I think u would like that better than any mods to a supermini


11/27/2017 11:11 AM

Nearly 6' at 13..... I feel for you lil' dude. I'm 28 and 6'-8". Pray you don't exceed about 6'-5" because, after that, life gets much more difficult and bothersome. The ladies love it but your wallet will not.


11/27/2017 11:22 AM

I found that trial and error with the set up will be the best bet. Constant tweaks and experiments with expensive new parts will be both frustrating and costly. I'm 6"4 and found that perseverance with setup was key. I eventually found a set up that worked and I ran all standard parts. I was closer to Ken Roczen than Ryan Dungey in my approach in that rather than make the bike fit me absolutely perfectly I just found a good set up and rode the bike until I got used to it. However, if you're going to spend money, spend it on suspension first.


11/27/2017 12:32 PM

Thanks everyone for the replys im llooking in to some bar risers and taller seat


11/27/2017 2:14 PM

Looks like you need a 125. Im 5’ 10” and theres no way in hell I’d fit a supermini with any mods at all.


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11/27/2017 3:33 PM

ya bud, you need to get onto a 125. The supermini just isn't big enough


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11/30/2017 12:13 AM
Edited Date/Time: 11/30/2017 12:45 PM

yup, 125. The supermini is just holding you back at this point. I was your height at your age on a nearly new KX80 and riding my buddy’s new CR125 was one hell of an eye opener.

It wasn’t an option for me at the time to get a different bike. I hope it is for you.