Suzuki RMZ250 diagnostic problem

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6/27/2018 4:26 PM


i have a little problem with my suzuki RMZ250. I was riding with a buddy, then we stopped and drag raced for fun, so i thought about trying the S-HAC button for the first time, what a bad idea. I have a flashing code (1 flash, pause, 5 flashes) that wont go away.

Bike still runs good, no issues. So i started looking around my owner manual see if there was a troubleshooting guide and no luck. Google doesnt seems to have it either. Upon inspection i saw that my TPS sensor/wiring was corroded/broken, so i replaced it with the one thats on my wife's bike (17 RMZ250) . I waited maybe 1hr doing other stuff and tried starting my bike again, code was gone, no more flashing (except the 2sec test and whatever hours long you have logged on the bike light).

Took the bike for a quick ride around the yard and the code is back.

anybody has an idea what the problem is? Any code chart/list to pinpoint my issue?

much thank you wink


2002 KX125 (SOLD)/2001 KX250 (SOLD)
1999 KX250 (SOLD)
2016 RM-Z250(SOLD)
2018 KTM 150XC-W(current)

6/27/2018 6:00 PM

Im not certain on zooks, but the kawis have a chart in the DFI section that decodes the blinks. I think most of the oems have this actually. Somethings wrong with one of your sensors.