Suzuki RM 125/250 triple clamps Ohlins TTX

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10/25/2018 5:26 AM

I have a Ohlins TTX fork from a 2016 RMZ 250 i still have. I would like to install them to an RM 125 2003 i've just bought. It seems to be a problem with the lower clamp diameters. RM125 is 58,20mm while the fork bottle is 59,20. I know some of you guys have bored the lower clamp but i would like to avoid this since the precision boring a clamp is questionable, even more when the purpose of it is to install expensive precision stuff like an Ohlins TTX fork.

Does anyone knows if exists any model of procircuit or budracing triple clamps for RM 125/250 with 59,20mm diameter for the lower clamp? Do exist any other alternative like using RMZ clamps? I would appreciate any experience regarding this issue.

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