Suzuki Oil injection help

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9/13/2018 5:05 PM

Hey guys I have a older Suzuki ds80 it’s a 1989 and I noticed it had a tank for the oil injection with some oil still in it, I would prefer to used mixed gas as if this injection fails I will seize my engine.. although if I let the tank run dry with I burn out the oil injection pump? Or do I have to disactivate it some how? any help would be awesome thanks!!

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9/13/2018 5:35 PM

Some older models used to have to split the cases to remove a plate or slinger and drill some oil holes. Just put oil in it. Injection failures are old wives tales. I never saw one and got my first bike in 1972. I think Yamahas could be done just by removing the cable to the pump. It was done when enduros were stripped down to race MX.


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9/13/2018 7:41 PM

I had a 1976 Yamaha DT250 that had oil injection. I just unplugged it and ran premix. That bike went through things no bike should and it kept on ticking.