Stripped thread tank insert, help!

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7/7/2017 11:41 PM

Got a stripped thread in the tank for the rad shrouds, any suggestion on a fix? Can these be removed? If so how?



7/8/2017 4:07 AM

I would just run the next size up tap into it whatever size it may be and replace the bolt accordingly


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7/8/2017 5:03 AM

Have you tried running a thread cleaning tap & then cleaning threads out really good with air...the bolt only holding a shroud does not need to be super tight.....I have removed these & epoxied them back in, that is a last resort... Try to save the threads


7/8/2017 7:55 AM

Tapping it will be difficult as there is not enought room on the back side to run the tap.

You can cut it out, fix it with a healicoil then melt the plastic back over it with a soldering gun.


7/8/2017 11:50 AM

Thanks guys, the thread is pretty much beyond cleaning out, you can push the bolt in without having to thread it in

How do you get these out the tank? If I could remove it I could helicoil or put an insert in it

What about quick steel resin and run a tap into it??


7/8/2017 12:40 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/8/2017 12:40 PM

Carefully cut the plastic away and save the plastic pieces to melt back over the insert when you reinstall it.


7/8/2017 1:47 PM

Buy a bottoming 1/4"x20 tap and fire away.


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7/8/2017 5:52 PM

BobPA wrote:

Buy a bottoming 1/4"x20 tap and fire away.

What he said^^


7/9/2017 3:34 AM

Thanks guys, I'll buy a bottoming tap, didn't know such things existed, cheers!


7/11/2017 5:10 AM

Heads up you can make a bottoming tap from a regular tap with a bench grinder just grind the tip off.


7/11/2017 9:04 AM

I would see if you can get new ones. I think you should be able to thread a bolt in and use a slide hammer to pull that piece out and press a new one in. Unless its molded with the plastic.. then youre sol.


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7/12/2017 3:27 AM

To get those out on my Yamaha I threaded a bolt in and then used a screw gun to turn the insert in the plastic. It melted itself out after a bit. Epoxy now holds it in. Works good last long time.


7/16/2017 2:30 PM

Harry Backmon wrote:

To get those out on my Yamaha I threaded a bolt in and then used a screw gun to turn the insert in the plastic. It melted ...more

I typically saw them spin like after the bolt seized in the brass nut breaking it loose from the plastic


7/16/2017 8:57 PM



Get some JB-Weld, mix it together and fill the thread hole with the JB. Take a 6mm thread bolt like the original with perfect threads, and push it into the soft JB. Come back tomorrow and unthread the bolt.... and boom, new threads.


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