Street bike wheels on 2007 crf450. need advice about tires and gearing

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8/29/2017 4:51 PM

Hey guys!

I wanted to try a bit of motard riding with my old gal for years, but don't know how much I would like it..

But a few days ago I got a set of streetbike wheels from a friend. Looks like it will be pretty easy to make them fit my bike and try if I like it before I fork out the big bucks for a proper set of wheels and brakes. Motard wheels are rare and expensive over here in IKEA country.

What dimension tires would you guys recommend? The front rim is 3" wide and the rear is 3.5" Dont want to &%$#@! up by mounting a tire that is too wide for the rim or a profile that is too high or low.. Don't know much about tire width..

And what gearing would you recommend?

Any further advice would be really apreciated.



I like Honda and 2-strokes. Bad combo.

8/30/2017 7:10 AM

It might be best to go by the biggest straight away on the course you plan to ride. I had an 07 setup for supermoto and ran a 3.5" front and 5" rear (17" supermoto wheels). I ran a normal 17" front tire and a 150 width rear I believe. The course I rode had a straight away where you had to get up close to 100mph so I ran 15/39 gearing as far as I remember.

I'd really suggest looking for some supermoto wheels with a rear of 4.25" to 5" to really get the setup proper, good luck!