Steel or Aluminum frame YZ

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10/10/2018 8:46 AM

I know this has been talked about before, but why not talk about again. I'm looking to build a bike primarily for GP/6hr/24hr style racing. I'm not looking to spend a ton, but want to do it right and make sure the bike is as solid as it can be. The biggest things I'm looking for are parts availability and reliability. I was looking for input on what might be the pros/cons of going with an early 2000's steel frame or a 05+ aluminum fame YZ.


10/10/2018 4:46 PM

On the plus side, anything 02 and newer share most of the same parts. There's very few parts that don't cross over.

I actually have an 03 rolling chassis if you're interested


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10/11/2018 5:39 PM

You can score an 06+ model now for pretty cheap. The SSS forks are amazing compared to the older forks of the steel frames. There are ways to convert the steels to have SSS forks but its about the same cost to do that vs buying an 06+ bike.


10/12/2018 4:28 PM

As a 01 YZ250 owner I’d say go with 06 and up the 46mm forks on the older model take a lot of work to make them even in the same ball field as SSS. the steel frame is great and all but if I did it all over I would have the sss over steel any day


10/14/2018 10:33 AM

Steel, with sss forks, comp valving mods/springs, desert tank, and done. Great machine out of box. Jetting and pipe combo as well.


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