Sprocket combination kx125

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9/22/2018 6:55 PM

Hey guys new here don't do any extreme riding just for fun on a few trails and around old farm roads. Just got a 92 kx125 runs good but not very pretty so cleaning it up with some new parts and was looking at the chain and sprockets and it has a 11/50 combo and 11 seems odd to me but I'm no expert so what do you guys think or suggest it has plenty of balls thru 3rd but not much top speed in 6th


9/23/2018 9:45 AM

Welcome to the MX zoo that is VitalMX.

Have you tried a 12?


9/23/2018 9:57 AM

Your gearing is very low, but may well be better for trails. A 12/50 would give you more top end, but will sacrifice some bottom end pull.

Paw Paw