Sidi Crossfire 3 TA sizing

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2/19/2019 9:39 PM

Anyone own these, not the 2's or SRS's, and can compare their sizing to Gaerne or Fox?

Would help. Thanks a ton.


2/19/2019 10:53 PM

I wear:
9 -Shoe
9 -Fox Instinct
9 -Tech 7
8 -Gaerne
8 -Sidi


2/20/2019 7:28 AM

I have worn Gaerne GX-1 for the last many years in a size 13. These are roomy for wider feet. Street shoe is normally a size 13 or maybe 14 in some brands for extra room.

Gaerne changed the GX-1 for the worse IMO so I sought out some new boots. After reading and watching youtube reviews, I purchased some Sidi X-3 TA. These are just right in the length but ever so slightly narrow in the width. With the hinge, there is also no break in to speak of. Very happy with them so far.

Not exactly the same as the Crossfire, but similar enough on the sole aspects that it should hopefully be helpful. The TA versions are wider than all of the SRS models.