Sidi 2 SRS vs 3 SRS

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11/11/2017 12:59 PM

are the newer models an better or worse? worth the extra?


11/12/2017 5:38 AM

I personally didn't think it was worth the extra coin to go with the 3's so I went back with the 2's. I have never had 1 complaint with them so that is another reason I went back to the 2's again.


11/12/2017 6:42 PM

Did you see that chapperel has white crossfire 2 srs for $330. Great deal


11/12/2017 7:03 PM

where are you guys getting replacement soles for srs2...cant seem to find any


11/13/2017 6:06 AM

Have now short experience with SRS 3 and I can say is it good boots like SRS 2. Soles seems to last more.


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11/14/2017 5:38 PM

I would imagine they are very similar. The crossfire 1 and 2 are basically the same besides the plastic and replaceable parts. I know for a fact that the parts are interchangeable between 1 and 2 so, if you really cared enough, you could make your 1 look like a 2. I was dissapointed with Sidi so I switched to Gaerne and never looked back. The ventilation ports are phonies and are stopped by the leather inner liner. After a couple seasons my boots became floppy and a pain to maintain and put on aswell as becoming out right uncomfortable. The cambrelle liner was good for a couple of rides then became all crispy but, some people love them and to each his own.