Showa SFF TAC Forks for Enduro/Woods?

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8/7/2017 3:24 AM

I've got a 2008 Suzuki RM250 which I am starting to do a few enduros on.
I want to primarily use the bike for motocross, so do not want to start revalving the current suspension to suit Enduro's

I have a set of Showa SFF TAC's from my 2015 RMZ450 which I am no longer using as I replaced them for A Kits.

Are these forks any good for Enduro use? Has anyone successfully had theirs valved and set up for Enduro/Woods/Trail use and liked them?

I could get a set of 2nd hand clamps and bore them to hold the forks (I've done this before) and then I already have another shock for the RM. So I could essentially have a suspension set for Enduro and a set for Motocross.

Or would I be better off sourcing a 2nd hand set of RM forks and getting those set up instead?



8/7/2017 11:00 AM

I would contemplate installing the skf low friction air piston and by softening up somehow the harsh valving imo they would make a decent setting.

I've trail ridden my rmz with mx settings and just by adding extra air tobthe balance chamber really lightens up the initial part of the stroke.

One thing I like about the air forks being lighter on the front end is that it's easier to wheelie over obstacles. I bet they would be great on a rm250, maybe start with the shim settings from the crf250 tac and lighten up some more on the midvalve


8/7/2017 7:10 PM

I think it would work well on a two smoker. Light front, and killer powerband.


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