Shifter won't shift

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10/17/2017 9:58 PM

So me and my dad bought an 02 rm 250 just for fun and to work on and the shifter will not shift. I don't mean it's floppy, or stuck in a gear, it literally will not budge. Guy said that he went to take off and the kill switch was broke and so he went to put it into gear without the clutch to stall it. He did so and it is stuck like that now. I'm thinking maybe a gear chipped off from jaring it like that. So we are expecting to split the cases. So what do y'all think it is? And how much? If I do the labor? This is what I see right now. A picture is attached


10/17/2017 10:00 PM



10/17/2017 11:22 PM

Real simple. Get a manual, and split it. It's not rocket science, and don't pry on the cases to get them apart. I use a steering wheel puller to split mine, it works. If you don't already have the flywheel off, buy the proper puller, they're cheap.


10/17/2017 11:26 PM

I know but do you know what may be causing this?


10/18/2017 2:26 AM

I have had this problem 20 years ago on a RM. Which is the same set up as in your picture. Where the shifter shaft locates with the shift drum, you can see x2 spring loaded shift pawls. My shift pawls got worn on the edges and it just locked solid. I'm not saying this is the case with your bike, but I would check it before splitting the motor.


10/18/2017 6:13 AM

Splitting cases is pretty cheap. Youll need some gaskets and silicone sealant(yamabond). Might as well replace all the bearings since youre in there. Id say under $100 if you do it all yourself. Might get the crank rebuilt too if its seen a ton of hours.


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10/18/2017 6:49 AM

I would suggest you broke a gear. It can also break a bearing. These issues can even cause case damage.
The best bet is to do a tear down and find the problem.
The cost will depend on what is broken. It can run anywhere from a few hundred dollars including broken parts and new top end plus gaskets to around $1000 if you put in all new bearings and crank.
Your best investment will be for a service manual.

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