Rm 250 suspension is brutal

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7/30/2018 4:51 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/30/2018 4:53 PM

Ok guys i have a 2003 RM 250 and i just bought the bike about a month ago. stripped the bike and replaced all linkage and bearings and greased evrrything and changed all the bearings that needed it. Im a 250lb bodybuilder type guy at 6 foot. I took the bike to the track this weekend and had all my clickers set to factory settings as per owners manual. The suspension on the bike was just brutal and harsh yet very easy to bottom. I had such a hard time hitting jumps it was so unpredicatble.

can anyone that is a little heavier give me some insight into what to set my clickers and suspension so I can at least ride the bike. I did 2 hours on the track (4 seperate little motos) ive never been so beat up in my life. last stray was hit a big table top and landed flat so hard i bent the bars down i bottomed so hard.

Please help.

edit++ i bleed the forks all the air is out and fluid level is correct and rear sag is adjusted so spring is quite torqued down).


7/30/2018 5:08 PM

You’re blowing through the stroke so quick because ur spring are too soft for you most 250s come stock with a spring rate meant for guys roughly around 145-160 lbs... changing clickers isn’t going to fix your problem those are meant for fine tunning... you have to change to heavier spring then set your clickers...


7/30/2018 5:10 PM

You need heavier springs. Racetech has a calculator that will get you close. You will probably need a revalve to get more bottoming resistance and to match the springs.


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7/30/2018 5:11 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/30/2018 5:14 PM

Ok from what ive read im way beyond adjustments. I need to have all new springs up front and maybe a stiffer spring in the back. Ill tell you im not going to a track again until i do holy hell. What a sketchy experience. No confidence with the way it is currently. I had no idea the bikes are set for 160lb riders. jesus no wonder why. I figured the size of the bike was made for 200+ pounders.

Gonna have to save up and do the needed upgrades and keep it to the trials until then, way to dangerous.

thanks for the quick replies. I have heard of the racetech springs. appreciate the help new poster sorry if this was a total noob question.


7/30/2018 5:12 PM