Removing anadize from upper forks that were coated

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8/24/2022 5:12 PM

Hey guys, I have a set of WP forks that were anadized black that I recently just bought. I would like to remove the anadize as they’re kinda worn/shitty looking. If I remove the anadize/coating what will I be left with? What are my options ? Thanks Photo


8/25/2022 5:24 AM

It needs to be stripped. And it will then have no protection if its not clear ano'd or something after being stripped so it'll likely corrode. I've used Jerry at Aluminart out of california before, he's on instagram.


8/25/2022 10:46 AM

Caustic soda will strip anodizing but will leave a dark, dull finish so you have to deal with that.


8/29/2022 11:47 PM

Jay Clark on youtube/instagram used some brand of rust remover to remove anodizing.


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9/3/2022 4:14 PM

I wouldn’t do it.. you won’t be happy with the result.

Best options:
1. Trade with someone that wants black forks
2. Touch-up the scratches with THIS
3. Sell them and buy a different set


9/9/2022 8:04 AM

Use Easy-Off oven cleaner to remove anodizing. It works great!


9/11/2022 6:57 PM

Spray oven cleaner or a lye bath works. In this case Id do the oven cleaner so you dont have to disassemble them. You will be left with bare aluminum that you can polish. When I buy aftermarket KX parts I remove that nasty green anno all the time.


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9/12/2022 9:26 AM

You CAN remove the anodize, but the question is SHOULD you remove the anodize...

Generally, the answer is no. You need the anodize surface for wear resistance and friction reduction on the inside of the tube.

The right way to do it is to have it professionally stripped (slowly, otherwise it will pit), then re-(hard)anodized. Typically around $250 for that service, or more if you want something fancy.

You can also mask the inside, strip the outside, then re-anodize. That's a little easier to maintain the important inner surface, assuming it's still good inside. Regardless, it's not something you can correctly do at home.


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