Remove The Chrome From FMF Pipe - 2 Stroke

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2/25/2018 11:50 AM

So my 03 KX250 has an FMF Fatty pipe on it and a a portion of the chrome on pipe the size of my hand has flaked off leaving an ugly ass portion of raw metal and i was hoping ANYONE would have a nice and clean way to strip off the remaining chrome plating from the pipe so it didnt continue to look like shit.

Dont think a wire wheel will do the job as ive tried it with other chrome plated surfaces and at best it will thin and spread the plating but not remove it.

Sandblasting, sodablasting, etc isnt really an option either as id be left with a dull blasted piece of metal and id really like to find a remotely easy way to get to a "bare metal" finish if at all possible...doubt FMF will replace the pipe as it came with the bike and is still brand new looking w/o any dents and not even a ding where the plating is peeling away, it just started flaking off.

Either way im SUPER bummed with the way it looks and the way its going to continue to get worse...see pic.



2/25/2018 12:11 PM

I had a plated fmf pipe on my 96 cr, some of the plating was wearing off so I figured it would be easy to remove the way in hell.... That plating is tough stuff! I ended up having it sandblasted off, soda & glass beads will not do it. It is really no big deal to get the pipe back to bare metal after sandblasting, just a red scotchbrite & wd40, will be looking good in 30 mins. I have heard muratic acid will remove the plating, can be had at pool supply stores....give it a try & report back, I thinking of stripping a kx500 pipe also...


2/25/2018 12:16 PM

Thank you for your input I don't have access to a sandblaster at the moment but it's good to think of all so I wouldn't exactly call this plating Tuff Stuff seeing as how it flaked off where it did


2/25/2018 4:23 PM

You'd need to take it to a professional shop that can put it through an acid bath to remove the nickle plating.


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2/25/2018 5:55 PM

These guys have a good reputation & can remove the plating for a reasonable price.

Motowhips is another good source, but they'll be more expensive in comparison.


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2/25/2018 7:17 PM

Thanks guys im gonna see what kind if pricing i canget from some local plating shops they should be able to remove it