Remove Main Bearing KTM 150

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12/18/2018 6:18 AM

I am in the process do make a Big Engine revision on my KTM SX 150 but was not able to remove the Main Bearing from the Engine Case.
According to KTM Service Manual you should heat up the Case and the Bearing falls out but nothing happens??

Thanks for any advice Photo


12/18/2018 6:39 AM

I always put them in the oven @ 350*F for a half hour and gently tapped the case on a piece of wood (cover in clean towel) and the bearing popped out. Sounds like you tried this already, but maybe try a few more times or use heat and see if you can get a blind bearing puller with a slide hammer.


12/18/2018 6:48 AM

Heat it up till water sizzles off it and use a blind bearing puller. Will come right out.


12/18/2018 7:11 AM

I heated mine up, then tap that case on a wood surface and it should fall out.

To install, heat the case and freeze the bearing for a few hours, take it out and drop it in ASAP. It will slide right in.


12/18/2018 8:35 AM

Ok thank you ?
will try again tomorrow to heat it up much longer


12/19/2018 9:16 PM

Heat it and tap it out. Place the case on a level piece of wood. Take a socket and make sure it only hits the bearing. Take an extension and connect it to the socket and hit it till it comes out. If you have to go crazy on it then it needs to be hotter. But don’t baby tap it. It’s a pressed in bearing it’s not gonna be, and not supposed to be, easy to get out.


12/20/2018 12:12 AM

Just did the main bearings on my KTM 200 and the issue is you can't tap out the bearing (after heating up the case) because the hole on the seal side is smaller than the bearing.

What you do is pop the rollers out of the bearing cage, then drop a washer down there and reinstall the rollers. Then you will have something to tap from the seal side. Go to 3:00 on this video and it will give you a better explanation. This was the method I used and it worked great.


12/20/2018 10:00 PM

FWYT wrote:

Just did the main bearings on my KTM 200 and the issue is you can't tap out the bearing (after heating up the case) because ...more

Didn’t know that. KTM must be different. Which KTM always has their little things that are different. Literally the only reason I won’t buy one. Their parts are to expensive and everything is a pain in the butt to do cause it’s different.


12/21/2018 11:03 AM

Spot heating with a heat gun or propane torch doesn't work as well as putting the case in the oven or on the BBQ. You will want to heat the entire case so the whole case expands. Bearings should fall out with a little tap like mentioned above. Wife prefers the BBQ method.


12/21/2018 11:21 AM
Edited Date/Time: 12/21/2018 11:22 AM

I'm assuming you're having a problem with the roller bearing cut the plastic take all the rolls out, flip the case over a little heat won't hurt ,take a long pin punch catch the inside of the bearing race and. Tap with a hammer working your way around it will come right out.

Forgot to mention take the main seal out before trying to top bearing race out